Back in the saddle!


Parc national du Mont-Tremblant, Photoshop.  A bit creaky, but trust me – these studies get better over time!

So it’s been… what? A few years since my last blog post? I know, I know.. it’s absolutely shameful.

In my defense, I WAS returning to work after a 10 year absence, so I had a lot to prove. For a long while, there just wasn’t any time or head space at the end of the day for art-making.

But so far, my career has got itself (mostly) back on track (knock on wood), the kids are doing ok, and my house isn’t falling apart – win!

There’s also something about September that makes me think “time for another ’30 Paintings in 30 Days’ challenge”, but since Leslie Saeta isn’t doing that this year, I decided it was time for a little self-motivation!

The Challenge:

Spend as many of my lunch hours as possible doing landscape studies in Photoshop.

The Rules:

  • All reference images should come from my own photos
  • Avoid blending unless absolutely necessary
  • NO gradients
  • NO layers