Clouds at Ste-Irenee beach

©2019, Emma Pittson, “Clouds at Ste-Irenee Beach”. Photoshop.

I often think to myself that it would be so much easier if I could a) get excited about drawing buildings (haven’t really tried, but you never know – I might find I love it!), and b) not mind that I can’t see any horizon line.   I’m a city-dweller, but I don’t find artistic inspiration in cities – because, honestly, how could cities ever compare with the St-Lawrence river and great big, puffy clouds?

Lac Stukeley

©2019, Emma Pittson, “Lac Stukeley”. Photoshop.

I’ve fallen a bit behind with my landscape studies, and just when I had turned a corner with them, too!  At this point, they were getting more and more complicated, and more than one lunch-hour to finish.  Even so, I made a conscious decision NOT to fuss with the reflections on the water in the foreground.  The result is what I like to call “good from far, and far from good”.  I am very happy with the blue shading on those mountains, though!