Portrait of Yola

©2020, Emma Pittson, “Portrait of Yola”. Photoshop.

The time has come to set aside landscapes and dive back into portraiture!

And wouldn’t you know it?  I got so used to landscapes that I found this portrait to be a bit more of a challenge than I had anticipated.  This image represents a few days of work, at least!  Of course, I walked into it thinking “I’ll just keep it fresh, and loose, and, you know… painterly” and, well, THAT went out the window pretty quickly.  I think it’s a leftover reaction to my art school days when we never had enough time to finish anything, and even if we did, we were always discouraged from painting anything that looked too realistic (“skillful”, some might say).  With no teachers or peers around me, I can noodle to my heart’s content – and so I do!

Anyways, this is Yola, a model with a Russian modelling agency called Lumpen.  Their entire roster is comprised of Real People, which I think is very cool.

Everyday View

2020_01_09_3 FLAT
©2020, Emma Pittson, “Rooftops of Mile End”. Photoshop.

Remember when I said I wanted to try my hand at painting architecture more often (which is entirely reasonable because I’m surrounded by it all the time)?  Well, I came to regret that impulse while painting this piece.  It absolutely kicked my butt!  Who knew there were so many vents and pipes and satellite dishes on a typical Montreal rooftop?  Anyways, in case you were wondering, I see this view every day as I leave my office – the North side of Mile End, with Mount Royal in the distance.

First post of 2020!

06_01_2020-2 FLAT
©2020, Emma Pittson, “Winter Sunset”. Photoshop.

And it’s a view from my livingroom window (minus a high-rise or two off in the distance)!  Work with what’s available, right?  I found I really enjoy painting snow on rooftops – it’s almost like icing a cake.  Ask me how I feel about that after another 3 months of winter… 😉