spotlight feature: women unIted art mAgazine, issue #1

Women United Art Magazine, Issue #1

Well, if this isn’t proof that hard work, risk-taking, and a bit of luck can bring about some amazing results, I don’t know what is! Not only did my work get included in the inaugural issue of “Women United Art Magazine”, but I was also rewarded with a spotlight feature! That’s right: 4 whole pages devoted to my self-portraits, as well as my (hopefully not awful-sounding) answers to the magazine’s questions about women in the art world.

At the end of the day, I make art for myself, but I cannot lie: outside validation feels pretty darn good!

Variation on a theme

The best thing about doing multiple versions of a piece is that you can try different methods and approaches with each iteration. I’ve been working up the gumption to explore non-realistic colour, and I thought that a tiny work on paper was the best place to start. Boy, was I in for a surprise! It turns out that imaginative colour is a LOT harder for me to wrap my mind around than I’d bargained for. I aimed for a flat, cell-shaded look, but in the end, I couldn’t resist putting in all kinds of detail in the face.

To be honest, I’m a bit disappointed in myself because the “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” sequence from the Beatles’ “Yellow Submarine” movie is something that my 4 year-old brain latched onto as a Life-Altering-Work-Of-Art, and it’s an aesthetic that I want to incorporate into my current work. I honestly thought that mimicking that look in my own art would be a cinch, but alas, it looks like I’ve got a ways to go before I unlock my inner Heinz Edelmann. Let us consider this a First Draft, and as Neil Gaiman says: “Your first draft doesn’t count”. All it has to do is exist.

©2022, Emma Pittson, “Not Stripes”. Acrylic and oil on paper, 5″ x 5″.

“Glasses” now on view at Art Gallery 118

I’m pleased to announce that Art Gallery 118 selected my digital piece, “Glasses”, to be a part of their online exhibition, “New Addition”. The exhibition will be on view from July 15 to August 15, 2022.

I’m especially pleased to see that my artwork is the first one in the exhibit. Nice to have the pole position! 😉

The selected works will also be featured on their Instagram account here. You can also watch their fun little promo video:

My work in 2 new publications!

I’m thrilled to announce that my work can now be seen in 2 stunning new art publications: The Purposeful Mayonnaise, Issue #7, and The Huts Magazine, Issue #5!

The Purposeful Mayonnaise (what a great title, btw!) selected my “Messy Bun” self-portrait as the opening image for their “Messdeck”. My bio can be found later on on page 74. A big thank you to the Purposeful Mayonnaise team for including my painting in their publication!

As for my work ending up in the pages of The Huts Magazine, that is courtesy of the tireless team behind “Art Mums United”, Mona Lerch and Valentine Svihalek. Through their collaboration with The Huts Magazine, all of the pieces that were a part of the Art Mums United exhibit “Artist, Mother, Proud, & Serious” (in which my “Self-Portrait With Kerchief” made the cut) were guaranteed a spot in the magazine. I’ve never seen my work in print before, and I have to say: it is a real thrill! Many thanks to Mona and Valentine for making this dream a reality!

Tidying up

©2019, Emma Pittson, “La Malbaie”. Photoshop.

I hope you’re enjoying the new layout for my website because I sure am! I’m in a real Organizing-And-Take-Stock moment of my life. Some people relax by watching TV or reading a good book, but for me, nothing soothes my nerves as much as decluttering. Now, if only I could get my family onboard…

And while sorting through some old files, I found this old gem from 2019 that I’d never posted. I was done during a moment of downtime between projects at work, and was the inspiration for the lunchtime landscape studies that got progressively more involved and sophisticated. The Charlevoix region of Quebec has some pretty spectacular scenery and I’d love to go back and try my hand at Plein Air painting, but I think I’ll have to wait until the gas prices go down before I head out on another road trip.