Study – Sebastien Chabal – Take2

Sebastien Chabal2 v2

What can I say?  This guy has a really interesting face, and since my grand plans for a Fine Art career are on hold for the moment, I might as well indulge in some studies.  That being said, this is also a perfect example of a drawing where I didn’t really decide on a plan of action before sitting down to draw.  By that, I mean: is my intention to make a quick values study (like the first one), or do I want to REALLY get into every single line and pore and make this as realistic as I can (and by the way, if you’re going to do that, do yourself a favour and begin with a high-res reference image.  Don’t try to make something out of nothing, like I did here).  Because I changed my mind as the drawing went along, I feel like it’s neither as photo-realistic as I want to be, nor is it as breezy and fresh as the first drawing.  It’s just kinda… “neither here, nor there”.

Back to work!