New year – new challenge!

“January 1, 2017″ – acrylic on canvas, 6″ x 8”.

I have survived both the Xmas season AND my first few weeks back at a full-time job, so obviously, I’m going to push my luck and attempt another “30 Paintings in 30 Days” challenge!  Nothing to it, amirite?

(In all seriousness, I really doubt I’ll be able to crank out all 30 paintings, but if I can produce maybe half of that, I’ll consider myself successful.)

My choice of theme this time around is a slight variation on the last one: instead of face studies, I’ll be doing hair studies.  Painting or drawing hair has always been a weakness of mine and is usually where I cut corners.  I’m hoping that this self-imposed hair-painting bootcamp will be just the thing to either cure me of my particular aversion or make me avoid it forevermore!

So here’s the first one out the gate!  I had a lot less time to work on it than my face studies from the previous challenge so I went for a more simplified style.  I miss my persnickety ways, but there’s a boldness to it that I like.

What I learned with this painting:

  • Cadmium Orange is a take-no-prisoners colour.  Proceed with caution (unless, y’know, you actually WANT that elusive “Cheez Whiz” tint to your background).  See reference to “boldness” above.

What I’ve learned with this theme so far (yes! already!):

  • finding good images of the back of people’s heads isn’t NEARLY as easy as finding good images of people’s faces.  This could be tricky…


4 thoughts on “New year – new challenge!

  1. Ask your followers to send in photos of the backs of their head, LOL 🙂 LOVE that cheez whiz, WOW! And I love your theme. I always loved drawing and painting hair. My Mom was a stylist so no wonder huh. Hey, do they still have those hairstyle magazines? Have fun Emma!


    1. Thanks, Sheila! Yes, I remember you mentioning that your mom was a stylist. Now I’m going to try extra hard to make these paintings look good because I’ll be asking myself “Does this pass muster? Would Sheila’s mother approve??” 😉 See you in the challenge!


  2. Happy New Year Emma and family. I hope you all had a fabulous holiday. Jim and I are sitting at the airport waiting for our flight to Florida. We had a nice visit in RI with family and friends but anxious to return to the land of sunshine. I love your new challenge. How is your new job going? What company is it and what is your position? Keep your posts coming. I look forward to reading all about it.


    1. Hi Deb! Happy New Year to you and yours as well! The new job is going well, but the kids miss having me around (at their beck and call). I don’t know how much of the challenge I’ll be able to complete, but I’ll give it my best shot!


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