Lac Stukeley at Sunset

©2019, Emma Pittson, “Lac Stukeley at Sunset”. Photoshop.

This was my second lunchtime landscape sketch, and already, you can tell that I was feeling more comfortable with the tools.  The reference photo was taken while we were camping at Parc National du Mont Orford.  I really feel that not allowing myself to use a gradient gave a better result for the water!

2 thoughts on “Lac Stukeley at Sunset

  1. So serene. The reflection on the water is stunning. What medium is it? Acrylic, oils, pastel?
    Beautuful work Emma. I do hope you are saving a bit if time for actual lunch!!


    1. These landscape studies are all digital (Photoshop, to be precise – can’t believe I forgot to write that in the caption! Woops!), and they’re getting more and more elaborate as they go along. There’s only a few others that I managed to start AND finish during lunch. These days, I start them on my lunch break, then ship them home via Google Drive, and finish them at night.


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