First post of 2020!

06_01_2020-2 FLAT
©2020, Emma Pittson, “Winter Sunset”. Photoshop.

And it’s a view from my livingroom window (minus a high-rise or two off in the distance)!  Work with what’s available, right?  I found I really enjoy painting snow on rooftops – it’s almost like icing a cake.  Ask me how I feel about that after another 3 months of winter… 😉

5 thoughts on “First post of 2020!

  1. Happy New Year Emma.
    I continue to admire your perseverance in making art each day. I love how the sky draws my eye directly down to the horizon with lots of interest. I can’t stop looking at it. Beautifully done with the frosting on the cake.


    1. Thank you! But believe me – I don’t make art EVERY day (although that would be the dream)! Job, kids, and housework definitely get in the way. No surprise there, right? 😉


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