And Now, I’m Not So Sure…

I was feeling pretty passionate about this idea and my art just a few weeks ago, and now that the rush is over, I’m left wondering what all the fuss was about. The thing about negativity and expressing your feelings is… at one point, when does it become just another problem? Where’s the line between catharsis and useless ruminating? Adding text to the landscapes certainly made them less precious, but in the end, it didn’t advance me along my path. Ultimately, I think it might have been just a temporary diversion (possibly influenced by the Prednisone I’m taking for my RA flare – and this wouldn’t be the first time Prednisone led me astray, either!). I’m looking at these images now the way someone might survey their property after a violent storm has passed: I acknowledge that there was no stopping it, and I just hope that there’s no significant, long-term damage.

Warning: some of these images contain adult language.

One thought on “And Now, I’m Not So Sure…

  1. Emma, So sorry to hear about your RA flair up. It must be frustrating and difficult to not be at your best. You certainly have permission to express yourself anyway that you feel like. It’s the artist way. No one got hurt. lol Just be assured that better days are ahead. Take care and give my best to your family. Love, Debbie


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