Artistic Output of 2016… so far!

Best of 6 months 2016 part1 small
Starting at the top, left: Face Study (pencil on paper); Face Study (digital); Face Study of Nita Naldi (digital); commission of G.I.Joe’s Duke “Long Day at the Office” (digital); 5 Daily Paintings of New Zealand landscapes (acrylic on panel)

As we approach the halfway point of 2016, I thought it would be cool to assemble all (or most of) the artwork I’ve produced so far this year and get a better sense of where I want to go next.

Best of 6 months 2016 part2 small.jpg
Starting at top, left (all digital unless otherwise specified): Reylo Mock-up; Sad Kylo Ren doodle; flat colours for “Trish” painting (acrylic on canvas); “Ben Solo in Love”; “Ben Solo – Braids”; “All is Forgiven, Kylo Ren”

A few stray observations:

  • I am actually pretty proud of the amount of work I’ve done since January 1st, even if it is mostly fanart.  I’ve always had a problem with low productivity, so it’s good to see that I’ve had some success turning that around.  HOWEVER…
  • there have been times when I’ve drawn something and posted it just because I felt like I had to do something, and that makes me feel artistically cheap.
  • art-wise, I still waste too much of my time in the kiddie pool playing it safe, and by that I mean: too many doodles, flat colours, and easy compositions, AND YET…
  • the cartoon-y stuff really speaks to me, and you can’t get more doodle-y than that
  • I really should get back to doing a Drawing/Study a Day
  • drawing Beefcake is FUN :p (ooh!  Maybe I could combine the two and make it a Beefcake Study a Day?)
Best of 6 months 2016 part3 small
Starting at top, left (all digital unless otherwise specified): commission of Richard Dawson from Hogan’s Heroes; “The Blue Lady” (acrylic on paper), Face Study of Mayowa Nicholas; 2nd wip of “SanSan Nouveau”; “The Last Wolves in Winterfell”; wip of “Battle Armour” Sansa and Jon Snow; “Sandor Beefcake” sketch

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